Today marks the last day of Eating Disorder Awareness Week.  It is a week to raise awareness about this important issue and to celebrate the diversity of body shapes and sizes.  I am pleased to see that the Kingston Whig Standard has given some press to the issue in the article "Eating Disorders On The Rise" by Peter Hendra.  You can view it in today's online edition at

While this type of coverage is helpful to raise awareness and reduce stigma, one must question the Whig's decision to publish another article earlier this week called "20 tips for losing weight".  The article was originally published in the Toronto Sun as part of a series in the Life, Health & Fitness section and its focus was on ways to restrict calories for the purpose of weight loss.  Perhaps the Whig Standard is not aware of the role that dieting and the pressure to lose weight play in the development and maintenance of eating disorders.  Regardless, the mixed message during Eating Disorder Awareness Week is unfortunate.